Our Secondary Infertility Journey So Far…

Welcome, this is the first of many posts following my secondary infertility journey. I felt that this was definitely something I needed to share and open up about, a very therapeutic part of the whole process too. 

I guess starting at the beginning is as a good a place to start as any… My husband and I got married in February 2010, we didn’t start trying for our first baby until July after we got back from our honeymoon. We were shocked when in August we had a positive pregnancy test. My pregnancy was fairly normal other than hyperemesis gravidarum which is really the fancy way of saying that I had severe nausea and morning sickness the whole way through. Ethan was born early at 27wks due to severe pre-eclampsia via C-section (I will most likely do another post about his journey as it is quite in-depth).

Ethan 1 hr old, 1 pound, 10 ounces or 830 grams

Ethan 1 hr old, 1 pound, 10 ounces or 830 grams

We decided to try for our second child in February 2012 when Ethan turned one. We were shocked yet again when we had a positive pregnancy result in March! Nothing out of the ordinary with this pregnancy, Jake was born at 38wks via C-section.

Jake 1 hr old, 6 pounds or 2.7 kg

Jake 1 hr old, 6 pounds or 2.7 kg

As you can probably imagine we thought we were extremely fertile! We decided to try for baby no. 3 in April 2014, not thinking much of it we went about our lives and were a bit surprised when after 3 months we still weren’t pregnant…I know that for most people out there 3 months trying is nothing, but for us we were concerned. I started to track my ovulation with the urine tests firstly and after the 6 month mark I bought the more expensive saliva microscope.

I went to see my GP who told me to relax :/ like that was really going to help! But because of our past fertility successes, no one was worried. I seemed to be ovulating fairly regularly every 30 days, and blood tests showed that my hormone levels were good. My husband had 2 separate sperm analysis’ done which showed that his levels were a little low, but nothing to be concerned about.

At 12 months we started seeing a fertility specialist. Firstly I was sent for just about every blood test there is (mmm, ok maybe not). As is the issue with a lot of women my iron levels were low and I was put on a supplement…

Next step was to have an HSG (or hysterosalpingogram) which is an x-ray test, looking at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes. They there put some dye which is supposed to flush out the tubes and see if they are blocked. This came back only finding one open tube but not seeing any endometriosis or anything else sinister. That same day I also had an ultrasound to look at my uterus. But in the ultrasound they found that I in fact actually had 2 uteruses!!! To say the least I was shocked :0

When we saw the specialist to discuss all the results thus far we were told that they only saw one open tube due to the HSG only being done in one of my uteruses (are you confused? I am!). At this point due to my symptoms and the test results presented, she feels I may have Adenomyosis. This is something caused by operations, in my case the C-section I had with my second son. The lining of the uterus becomes thick and any embryo can’t embed – resulting in no pregnancy.

The next course of action was to have an MRI of my pelvis, to either confirm or deny the Adenomyosis… I was terrified of having the MRI, my husband was away and having no family support here in Brisbane I felt quite alone and unsure of finding out my results on my own. I was lucky enough to find out my test results only a few hours after the MRI was done…they found absolutely nothing! After all the cost and stress I look normal (other than my 2 uteruses :/). We have unexplained secondary infertility.

We go back to see our specialist in a months time and being only a few days ago that we had the final results, I am still processing it all. My husband and I know how fortunate we are having 2 beautiful and healthy children and feel utterly blessed. We always had the dream of 4 children and are trying to remain positive and know that these things are all in Gods timing.

I will be sure to continue posting our journey.

– Emma-Kate


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