My Affordable Athleisure Picks


Ok so I have to admit that I happen to be one of those Mums who I know others would cringe at…I am that mum out and about in my active wear – even if I haven’t or don’t plan on working out that day. Yup that’s me. Now don’t get me wrong I do mostly wear this attire when I actually AM working out! But every now and again when I have a lot of errands to run I find that wearing my active wear gives me the extra get up and go to get everything done.

Below are some items I am lusting over this season..


  1. H&M – Light Grey Outdoor Jacket $59.99  SHOP NOW
  2. Kmart – Blush Corduroy Cap $4.00  SHOP NOW
  3. Kmart – Crew Cuffed Tee $5.00  SHOP NOW
  4. Kmart – Black Classic Crossbody Bag $15.00  SHOP NOW
  5. Kmart – Rose Pink Large Dial Watch $12.00  SHOP NOW
  6. Kmart – Active Long Compression Tights $14.00  SHOP NOW
  7. Kmart – Glass Bottle With Cover $4.50  SHOP NOW
  8. H&M – Black Sunglasses $12.99  SHOP NOW
  9. H&M – Powder Pink Trainers $44.99  SHOP NOW



I’d love to know what you are lusting over at the moment! Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Emma-Kate xx

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