My Guest Post for @_trianglehouse_

Making time for what REALLY matters…


If you are anything like me, I always wonder where my week has gone… I’ve just been so busy that I can’t even recollect what I’ve done or if I’ve even achieved what I set out to. The days just blend into one – groundhog day on repeat!

Being the creative person that I am, I often have so many ideas and projects on the go that I don’t seem to really hone in on what is important. Not only does it feel like I am not achieving much – but my family seems to suffer in the process as I spend so much of my energy on such ‘creative projects’.

Here are a few things that I am working on implementing in my everyday to really make the most of

  • Make smaller goals for myself – ones that I can actually achieve.
  • Celebrate the small wins – no matter how small.
  • I try to carve out specific times (where possible) where I allow myself to be on social media, write, edit, work on my business where I don’t need to feel guilty.
  • Make time for family and friends – I can get so wrapped up in whatever it is I’m working on and the people most important to me can sometimes be left on the back burner. I find that I feel so fulfilled when I spend quality time with my loved ones, it can actually give me the inspiration or motivation I need to take my business/projects to the next level.

I am learning (albeit slowly) to really ‘smell the roses’ and to focus on what really matters. By putting into practice some of the above I feel as if I am regaining some control back, not feeling so much guilt and there are more consistent small achievements being made.

What can you start implementing today to get back to what really matters?

– Emma-Kate

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