I’m back!!!

Hello I am back!

After what feels like absolutely forever I am back. I have missed you!! A ton has happened and changed since I was last here…including adding a baby girl to our family!

I am excited to get back into the swing of things as I start to step out of my newborn induced hermit-crab state… I will do a post soon introducing you all to my beautiful daughter Grace Emma 🙂

I have also spent the last few months mulling over what I really want my blog to be and how to best achieve my vision for the future (as well as try to navigate the world of 3 young children). I have missed the creativity that this space allows me to express, and have a million and one blog ideas swirling around just waiting to be shared with you!

Also if you haven’t already (and are so inclined to do so) you should check out mine and my family’s vlog channels on YouTube (I’ll include links below). I have been working hard the last few weeks, editing at every chance to get up to date with our recent adventures! I will be adding a VLOG category soon for those of you interested.

As soon as I can get organised I will be working out a regular schedule for my posts so watch this space!

– Emma-Kate

PS: I’ll just leave you with this photo of our beautiful/crazy new family of 5!!




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