A Rough Start…

My eldest son Ethan is 4 years old and is one of the happiest and craziest kids I’ve ever met! He is just like any other 4 year old boy, into superheroes, dinosaurs and getting grubby outdoors! For such a normal kid it’s hard to believe that his life began quite differently than most…

At 27 weeks pregnant I was whisked off to hospital with contractions and extremely high blood pressure. Within an hour of my husband and I arriving at hospital we were told that our baby could be born at any time as I had severe pre-eclampsia. Thankfully I was able to hold off on labour long enough to receive the two steroid injections I needed which would be crucial in helping Ethan’s lungs. The doctors kept telling us that each hour I could keep him ‘cooking’ the better. Unfortunately less than 48 hours after being admitted I was rushed in for an emergency caesarean-section due to my vital organs starting to shut down.

My husband Simon and I a few minutes before Ethan was born

My husband Simon and I a few minutes before Ethan was born

Ethan was born at 12:30pm on Tuesday 15th February 2011 weighing only 830g (1p 11oz) and 33.5cm long. I was able to get a brief glance at my baby before he was whisked off to the neonatal unit. Here we would endure a 3 month stay taking tiny steps, some forward as well as backward until our baby was able to be brought home. Ethan was finally able to come home 7th May the day before mother’s day (best present by the way!) weighing 2.4kg.

Ethan 1 hour old

Ethan 1 hour old

Being Ethan’s mother watching him fighting for his life when he was so tiny and fragile gave me a whole new respect for life and the future. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through, and as a newly married couple it was our first major hurdle to deal with together. What made the journey so awful was that we felt so helpless and had no idea what challenges we would need to face each day. We had to put all our trust in God and the beautiful doctors and nurses that Ethan had along the way.

Bringing Ethan home...FINALLY!

Bringing Ethan home…FINALLY!

We all only want the best for our child/children, but when you have to deal with the fact that your baby may not make it to see another day it really gives you more perspective on cherishing every minute and not taking anything for granted. I still need to pinch myself, looking back at where he started and where he is today. Knowing that Ethan is off to ‘big boy’ school next year and has such a bright future ahead of him, I almost can’t believe it! I am so proud to call myself his mother and to share in his joy.

Ethan Today!

Ethan Today!

So let’s live each day to the fullest and show our children how much we love them today and every day!


–  Emma-Kate


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