Fashion Envy

Like most girls, I love shopping. But I’m also a girl on a budget – a tight one! It can be so frustrating to see the newest fashions and trends and knowing that the purse strings just won’t allow for the MUCH needed new pieces for my wardrobe!

I have learnt to be a thrifty shopper. This does take time and effort though, I look around and source similar items to these usually expensive fashion must haves. I also find that by not allowing myself to go into some of these higher priced stores, keeps me from feeling disappointed that I can’t afford anything in there! Fashion envy is a real disease…hmm ok maybe not, but sometimes it’s too hard to resist and you purchase… leaving you with the guilt of struggling to pay rent (don’t pretend it’s only me!)

I love stores like Cotton On, Target, and my new fave H&M (where have you been all my life!). These stores and so many others offer similar trends but within a more affordable price point. I find that with each season comes new trends and I’m usually glad looking back at the previous year that I didn’t splash out on anything too expensive, that now (surprise, surprise) is no longer on trend.

One day I do hope to be able to purchase some higher end pieces for my wardrobe. Until that time comes I’ll continue searching high and low for the best imitation pieces, at prices that won’t break the bank.

–  Emma-Kate


ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren $239.00

                              AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVES

collage 1

1. H&M: $29.95

2. Ally Fashion: $29.99

3. Target: $59.00

4. Cotton On: $39.99


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